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Big Brass Event

Well done to all performers who played in BHMA’s third BIG BRASS EVENT on Saturday 18 June. It was an impressive musical achievement by all the players, and a real celebration of brass playing.

The BHMA Brass Team (Richard Baker, Sarah Leeves and Eira Owen) created the first BIG BRASS EVENT together in 2008, feeling that a focus and showcase was needed for the great brass talent we have learning across the city. This was a great success so the format was repeated in 2012 and have found no reasons at all not to keep organising such a fun and worthwhile performance experience for the BHMA students.

As in previous years, there were over 80 brass players taking part playing a diverse range of repertoire including, Gabrielli, Ghostbusters, Rolling in the Deep, Smoke on the water, Uptown Funk, Family Guy, Annie Highlights, Bohemian Rhapsody and the big finale, Fucik’s Florentiner Marsch played by all performers and the Brighton & Hove Youth Concert Band - which prompted a standing ovation!

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