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Award Winning String Ensemble Joins Professional Theatre Group

The award winning Brighton Youth Orchestra String Ensemble (BYOSE) is delighted to be performing with a professional theatre group in a fascinating new production ‘Voices of the Great War'. This explores life in Britain during the First World War. Four short plays written at the time are interwoven with music hall songs of the era for an uplifting and touching new look into life 100 years ago. Featured plays include 'A New Word' by Peter Pan creator J.M.Barrie, 'The Boys Comes Home' by A.A Milne, 'Hem of the Flag' by Kenelm Foss and 'Gods Outcast' by J. Hartley Manners.

'Voices of the Great War' will be at the Theatre Royal, Brighton, date to be announced early 2017. This performance will come at the end of BYOSE’s residential course at the Isle of Wight during which they will rehearse intensively and perform two concerts on the island. These talented musicians will also perform at St Mary de Haura Church, Shoreham on Saturday 18 February.

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