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SoundCity makes the Music Education Awards shortlist!

SoundCity shortlisted for Major Music Education Award

With its breadth and strength of vision SoundCity is not just a music hub but an integral part of Brighton’s ambitions for wellbeing, employment and digital skilfulness – all being delivered through music.

Music Education Council, December 2016

SoundCity has once again been shortlisted, this time for the Music Education Major Award. The overall winner of the Music Education Council Music Education Awards 2016 will be presented at the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence ceremony as part of Music Education Expo 2017.

Kathryn Deane, chair of the judging panel said: ‘Choosing just seven of our 13 longlisted submissions has been a wrench. Every one of those we had to let go has merit, and we look forward to receiving submissions from them in the future."

‘Our shortlist, therefore, contains the very best of entries. Great music making and learning we expect, but these entries also offered a sense of strategic purpose and a deep understanding of the modern role of music service agencies.’

The judges concluded:

SoundCity’s music activity is very strong, ranging across different sectors, producing diverse impacts in different settings. Thus, the singing strategy – led by Glyndebourne – focuses on boys, with opportunities including a rugby World Cup performance and new K3/4 boys vocal group, performing in some of the ten genres in which singing tuition is available – including spoken word and world music.

More inclusive ensembles are being launched. SoundCity’s Orchestra 360 is a creative music group for young people with special educational needs or disabilities. And, importantly, open also to their siblings and parents or carers.

The underpinnings here include some very sound work in developing a strong youth voice; and a professional development strategy based on peer learning: bringing the wealth of skills and knowledge across the area’s music community to facilitate practice sharing.

William Deighan, Chair of the SoundCity Board, said:

"We are honoured to have been shortlisted for the Music Education Council Major Award. Our work on inclusion, equality, well being and excellence seeks to meet children and young people where they are to encourage, facilitate and empower their creative, life long journeys. Our eclectic and vibrant partners bring their expertise and creative generosity in service to help grow the next generation of creative and well-rounded leaders and souls."

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