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BYO String Ensemble - a tour and two concerts in a week!

On Saturday 18 February BYO String Ensemble celebrated the end of their 11th annual tour of the Isle of Wight with an awe-inspiring concert at St Mary de Haura Church, Shoreham before providing the music for a fascinating production, Voices of the Great War in Brighton’s Theatre Royal. Often followed by a small, dedicated audience the Ensemble performed an eclectic programme fit for a stadium audience of thousands, at the picturesque church in Shoreham. Two award-winning soloists joined the Ensemble on tour Mary Tyler (Finzi Clarinet Concerto) and Phillip Leslie (Bach Piano Concerto No. 1).

"Having worked with Andy Sherwood and BYOSE in 2016, I was delighted to be invited back to perform Bach's D minor Keyboard Concerto this year. On both occasions I have found the ensemble a pleasure to work with and committed to making high quality music. May I thank the rest of the team, Louisa, Lisa, Mary, Val & Calvin, for all of their hard work behind the scenes." (Phillip Leslie)

After a 4 day tour of the Isle of Wight, following an intensive rehearsal schedule led by conductor Andy Sherwood and BHMA violin teacher Lisa de Simone, the young musicians were treated each evening to the culinary delights of our multi-talent pastoral staff, including a 50cm long by 40cm wide traditional lasagna!

This talented group of musicians also raised almost £500 for Encore from the proceeds of their concerts.

For more information on the Ensemble’s remaining 2017 concert programme please visit

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