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Carousel supporting artists with learning disabilities

Play what you see is the inspiration behind Figurenotes, a simple system designed to demystify the first steps in learning to read music. Each musical note has a corresponding coloured symbol and with the help of stickers on the instruments, learners play what they see. The Carousel Band has been trialling Figurenotes to support artists with learning disabilities to create and notate original music, as well as learning to play instruments. They have found Figurenotes to be incredibly inclusive, as it enables people of all abilities to participate in group musical activities.

The band is embarking on a variety of commissions, collaborations and challenges to test the flexibility of the system. It recently worked with learning disabled singer/songwriter Daniel Wakeford, who is known to many as one of the stars of the Channel 4 programme The Undateables. Daniel wrote original lyrics and explored melody and composition with the band. To hear Daniel’s music visit or buy his album from

Find out more about Figurenotes on Sam Dook’s blog

Carousel Events Coming Up

Blue Camel Club

Monday 6 March at The Old Market, Hove

The Rock House

Westhill Hall Brighton, Tuesday 23 March, 7pm, tickets on the door

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