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Accessible Music Education - one stop shop

What is ‘The Short Guide to Accessible Music Education’?

The Short Guide to Accessible Music Education is the only guide of its kind in the UK. Compiled by Emma Lines (Drake Music Scotland) and Jonathan Westrup (Drake Music). Through partnership with the Music Education Council ASN/SEND Working Group, the aim of the document is to provide a one-stop-shop signposting to organisations, initiatives, research documents and more around the subject of accessible music education.

One of the comments we regularly hear in the course of our work is “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single website/ resource dedicated to music education and children and young people with Additional Support Needs?”

In the first instance, you can contact your local music service or music education hub to find out what accessible opportunities are available in your area.

In addition to this, we believe it is useful (and somewhat overdue!) to spotlight specific information, resources and opportunities ‘all under one roof’ – for disabled musicians, their parents and carers, music teachers and beyond. It’s worth noting that many of the items listed in this guide will have strong links to individual music services and music education hubs.

So, this is one attempt to meet this need – imperfect, certainly, but hopefully a good start, which can be expanded upon by you. We clearly have gaps – please get in touch!

We haven’t attempted to provide a comprehensive list or database, nor do we offer qualitative opinions because the scale of such an enterprise is beyond our present resources.

What we can hopefully provide is a snap shot of what is currently out there, with scope for you to investigate further at your leisure.

Finally, the focus of this guide is limited to music education, which means we haven’t included links to Music Therapy. We recognise the fantastic work delivered by Music Therapists across the UK and further information can be found via individual music services/ hubs or the British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT) or Nordoff Robbins/ Nordoff Robbins Scotland.

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