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Furthering Talent News 2018

Brighton & Hove Music & Arts continue to work with Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) on the Furthering Talent programme thanks to a grant from Youth Music.

Since September 2017 the programme has been piloting a new approach in the area working with two selected schools, Carlton Hill and West Blatchington Primaries, focusing on the retention of students and the influence of the wider school musical culture on student progress. So far, the project has been overwhelmingly successful. All students and teachers involved have been using a child-centred individual learning plan in their instrumental lessons (ILP). This has been supported by an extra curricular programme outside lessons that encourages overall musical development.

Last term we worked alongside The Jazz Warriors enabling children to experience a jazz improvisation workshop and discover six great jazz musicians. As part of this the children had the opportunity to perform in a jazz concert at the Dome.

During the Spring term we were in partnership with Brighton Philharmonic and pupils experienced hearing a professional from the orchestra in their schools as well as attending an open rehearsal on the 25 of March.

Retention of existing instrumental learners has been high and there has also been a good increase in the number of pupils opting to learn a musical instrument as a result of the programme. All pupils involved in this project are also all working towards their Arts Award Explore. The project in these schools will continue until December 2018. New schools are currently being considered to start in the new academic year.

A new strand of the programme, Practical Progression, has also been developed. This is a peer-led professional development programme for teachers that aims to encourage them to take on some of the programme’s principles in their own practice. In Brighton and Hove three Teacher Facilitators have been working alongside Silvertip Films on making a short training film about musical journeys. Interviewed for the film were Tom Hines from Audio Active, Mary King from Glyndebourne and the musicians from the band The Blood Red Shoes. The film will show the diverse routes into and through the music industry, demonstrating that all are equally valid. This film, alongside others being made across the country, will be used as part of the training package being developed for the Practical Progression programme.

Further information

For furthering information about Furthering Talent and Practical Progression in Brighton and Hove please contact Natasha Gawlinski, Local Coordinator, on

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