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Silver Screen Launch

Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts, University of Sussex, Falmer

Thursday 28 June

10am-2pm (two sessions)

Free but must be booked in advance via Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts

Young people with learning disabilities, autism and additional needs have been exploring the film heritage of Brighton & Hove and have produced their own films inspired by the pioneers of Cinema who were working in Hove in the early 1900’s.

Silver Screen Launch will be an interactive event, so expect old and new films, presented side-by-side with live soundtrack and sound effects from the Carousel team.

Films will be presented by Frank Gray, Director of Screen Archive South East and Artists from Carousel.

After the presentation guests are free to move around the building and take part in workshops led by the Carousel team.

Workshops include:

  • Giant green-screen – Put yourself in the picture

  • Foley – Make sound effects and music from everyday objects

Silver Screen is a partnership project from Carousel and Screen Archive South East.

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