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An Opportunity to Perform with Springboard

Every year, during weekends in March, young singers, instrumentalists and actors from the city and surrounding area take part in Springboard – Brighton & Hove Performing Arts Festival. They sing, play or act – on their own or with others – in front of friends and family, and a professional adjudicator who gives helpful verbal and written feedback.

This is an invaluable opportunity for young people to gain experience and confidence by standing up and performing in front of an appreciative audience.

All levels are catered for – from beginners to the more advanced. Some performers are keen to enter competitive events, while others are happier simply to play in a concert setting and receive feedback.

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and while young people may initially find the prospect rather daunting, the comments they receive are always encouraging, and they invariably come away with a huge sense of achievement. All Springboard performers also get the opportunity to take part in free workshops.

THE ONLINE ENTRY SYSTEM IS OPEN UNTIL 9 DECEMBER (Speech & Drama) and 20 JANUARY 2019 (all music). A syllabus listing the full range of options is available to download for each of the sections: Speech & Drama, Strings, Woodwind & Brass, Piano, Guitar and Singing. Some teachers organise entries for their students. In other cases, students arrange their own entry after discussing it first with their teacher to ensure they enter for an appropriate class or classes.

For further details go to and explore our website. Each section has its own page, from where you can download the syllabus and click through to the online entry system.

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