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Carousel's Rock House

The Rock House is Carousel’s monthly gig for learning and non-learning disabled bands at Brighton’s Green Door Store. Attracting a mixed audience of regular gig-goers and learning disabled music fans, it hosts about 60 bands each year in an open and friendly atmosphere. Each summer in July The Rock House Festival brings together lots of bands in day that celebrates a broad range of musical styles from Seadog to the The Daniel Wakeford Experience.

On Tuesday 20 November the line-up includes Beat Express, Radisson Blue and Social Tripwire.

For the Christmas Special on Tuesday 18 December Bubbaloo and The Golgis will get you in the party mood.

In 2019 The Rock House moves to Monday nights at the Green Door Store starting on 21 January, then 18 February and 18 March. so get those dates in your diary and get ready to rock.

Tickets cost £3 on the door, carers free, 7pm start.

Check The Rock House out on Facebook //

The Rock House is produced by Carousel, the learning disability-led arts organisation. Keep up to date by joining Carousel's newsletter and read more at

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