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Rhythmix's 20th Anniversary!

As Rhythmix approach their 20th, they would like to talk to people and organisations who also have a significant anniversary in 2019 to discuss opportunities to celebrate together.

We all have experiences of friends or family members spending time in hospital, with a physical or learning disability, with Dementia, or mental health issues. We know how isolating these challenges can be. Music can build a bridge and help us connect again.

“You think it’s all lost... then the music starts and it all comes flooding back.” - Person living with dementia

Rhythmix work across Sussex seeking out places where music isn’t happening and offer quality music making to those struggling with some of life’s toughest challenges.

“That’s better than any medicine we can give”. - Doctor

Rhythmix take music to places people don’t expect to see or hear it. In fact 95% of sessions take place outside of a music or cultural venue and in 2017 we met 56% of our participants in a healthcare setting.

“The music is making the hurt go away”. - Young person in hospital

Would you like to celebrate with Rhythmix? Contact Lucy Stone, Strategic Director via email to or 08701 417484

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