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Carousel's Rock House Festival returns for 2019!

The Rock House Festival

Sat 27 July at The Green Door Store, Brighton, 3pm-10pm

Now in its third year, Carousel’s Rock House Festival is a real statement on how learning disabled and non-learning disabled bands can come together to create a spectacle and a scene.

With bands programmed throughout the afternoon and evening plus a range of stalls, drinks and food, it’s an accessible and ear-opening event. This year’s line-up includes the only Brighton performance by The Daniel Wakeford Experience, fresh from a national tour of 02 venues, Guy Lloyd’s glam punk band Sock and Meggie Brown, whose debut single was produced by Alex Krapanos of Franz Ferdinand.

Also on the bill is metal band Zombie Crash, thrilled to be celebrating 10 years in the music-making business. The band came together through a love of noise and showmanship, as guitarist and vocalist Ryan O’Donovan explains:

“In 2007,” says Ryan, “I started two years of music training with arts charity Carousel, composing, recording and playing in-house gigs. When the course ended five of us got together and formed a band. From our wild, boisterous stage demeanour there was no denying that metal music was right for us."

“We knew we didn’t want to write songs about the challenges that learning disabled people like us face, so we made ourselves into characters a bit like the video-game hero ‘Duke Nukem’ and took inspiration from film, gaming and historical settings. Gigs soon followed, along with a line-up change and by 2012 we became the six-piece Zombie Crash of today, 100% learning disabled with no need for facilitators to fill the gaps. The point is, we’ve made it a decade and we’re not done yet. We remain committed to our natural calling in life; as musicians and entertainers."

Zombie Crash play The Rock House Festival, at The Green Door Store Sat 27 July, with Fruity Water, Sock, The Daniel Wakeford Experience, Cockwomble, Meggie Brown and more.

Sat 27 July, 3 – 10pm

Green Door Store, Trafalgar Arches, Brighton Tickets: Early bird £7/5 Full price £9/7 On door £10/£8

Age restrictions: 16+

Click here to book your tickets

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