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Performances from BHMA ensembles at Music for Youth National Festival

Following their performance at the regional Music for Youth Festival in March, Brighton & Hove Youth Percussion Ensemble (BHYPE) were invited to perform at the prestigious Music for Youth National Festival held in Birmingham on 3 July. The group were one of only 6 percussion ensembles to be invited to perform alongside others from London, Yorkshire and Hull. Their performance included a piece written for buckets, kitchen utensils and the ensemble’s own interpretation of Khatchaturian’s exciting and energetic Sabre Dance using more traditional instruments such as xylophones, marimbas, timpani and drum kit and a huge gong!

Following the performance feedback was received from the adjudicating panel -

“A well thought-through programme which was inventive, creative and fun! You blend beautifully as an ensemble; you listen to each other and play as a team. What a wonderful ensemble you are!”

In addition to BHYPE, Brighton Youth Orchestra String Ensemble (BYOSE) were also invited to take part on 4 July where they performed Greek Dances by Nikos Skalkottas. It was brilliant to see the ensemble in action in the beautiful auditorium! The feedback from the Festival’s panel was really enthusiastic. Well done BYOSE!

To find out more about the range of orchestras and ensembles available for young musicians to join please visit BHMA Music Groups.

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