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Take it away - Interest-free loans for musical instruments

Take it away provides interest-free loans to purchase musical instruments, equipment, software and tuition. It was launched in 2007 by Creative United and is available through 140 retailers in England and Northern Ireland. Customers can borrow between £100 and £5,000 interest-free, which is paid back in equal instalments over 9 or 18 months, depending on the amount. As a passion for music-making can develop at any time of life, the loans can support musicians of every age in England and Northern Ireland – with subsidised options tailored to children and young adults in England.

Instrumental in your progression

Lisa Judge took advantage of the scheme last year. She had already purchased a tuba and a double bass for her son before she heard about Take it away.

“Once his love for music developed, he became involved in both school and county orchestras. His sights were set on playing a third instrument – the harp. I carried out some internet research and found that rather than paying for the item all at once we could pay over 9 months. This was such a simple transaction to do, I spoke to the harp shop who forwarded me a form by email. I completed the form and within a short time my request was approved, and the harp was ours!”

With her son’s enthusiasm for music showing no signs of dimming, Lisa intends to take advantage of the scheme again: “I’m not sure which instrument will be heading in our direction next, but I will be using the scheme to help spread the cost. If I had found it earlier, I would have definitely used it to purchase the tuba!

Take it away has helped over 90,000 customers since 2007 and in March 2019 was awarded the Sir Charles Groves Prize by Making Music for outstanding contribution to music.

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