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Write Sounds - Body Percussion with Literacy

June 11th saw the launch of a new collaborative project 'Write Sounds'. Led by Our Future City (Cultural Education Partnership) and funded by Artswork, the South East Bridge; the project brings together Beat Goes On together with literacy guru Pie Corbett of Talk4Writing and ten schools from Brighton and Newhaven. Write Sounds will explore creative approaches and utilising body percussion to promote the development of literacy and creative writing skills; while also supporting schools to work towards their Artsmark.

The project will explore Pie's internationally recognised approach to creative writing and how the results can be used as a stimulus for body percussion composition.

The launch included Pie and Ollie from Beat Goes On co-delivering a session with a fantastic group of Y4 children from Carden Primary School, supported and observed by participating teachers. The children created a brand new piece of creative writing, and then turned their ideas into dynamic body percussion routines. The standard that was achieved in both the writing and the body percussion was remarkable, and all staff involved had plenty to take away.

Beat Goes On have been collaborating with Pie on and off for a few years and are really excited to see (and hear) the impact of this project on schools over the next two academic years.

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