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Newsletter: Summer 2015


Our Future City


'What’s the most important thing we can do for the future of children and young people’


Over 900 children, young people and adults have joined the conversation about the future of our city and the unique role that culture and creativity can play in helping to improve the lives and life-chances of young people in Brighton & Hove.


We started by asking ‘What’s the most important thing we can do for the future of children and young people’ and over the past nine months we’ve been involved in a series of pilot projects, development events and conversations that have helped us to begin answering that question. Most importantly we didn’t just talk to arts and cultural organisations – we’ve also been talking to children and young people, schools, the health sector, local business, creative and digital industries, social services and universities.


The projects included many different forms of arts and culture, involving children and young people in creative music-making, developing digital resources and apps linked to cultural organisations in the City, using Mine Craft to explore natural habitats of wildlife, song-writing, business development and enterprise masterclasses. From the projects a number of films, presentations and recordings have now been produced and these can be found on the Our Future City website


As Phase 1 draws to a close we are looking to expand the conversation and involve more people and organisations as we refine a longer-term plan, focused on five goals that we want to work towards with our partners, over the coming 10 years.

To get join the conversation or find out more please visit the website or follow us on Twitter @OurFutureCityBH


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