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Newsletter: Summer 2015


Budding songwriters at Hangleton School

Music can be a fantastic way for children to build their confidence and experience success. Working with Amy McCardie, the music coordinator at Hangleton School, BHMA developed a project for budding songwriters that focused on using music to help pupils learn new skills and boost wellbeing by taking part in a positive and creative activity.
Nine young songwriters showcased their compositions after completing a 5 week workshop at Hangleton School. The pupils came each week to learn about melodies, chords and lyric/rap writing which they recorded onto iPads to be played in their KS2 assembly.

During the sessions they studied key elements of pop music and learnt how to produce a multitrack recording to sound like hit singles they listen to from their favourite artists.

The project was a huge success and Amy McCardie said “I love that you can hear their personalities in each one and that they have all used the software in a different way!” “The assembly went really well. You could hear a pin drop!”
Listen now to some of the tracks produced.

If you would like more information about working with us to develop songwriting, music technology or rock and pop projects for schools please contact



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